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The different classes of flight

Posted by leastofthesepromotions team on May-27-2010

Whenever we make a trip of far-reaching chose travel through the airlines, since flying is a quick way to overcome enormous distances in much less time than for example the vessels.

That is why this entry les commenting the different classes of flight and its ratings, to understand a little better as operating flights in the different airlines.

The regular flights are those that are set with a particular advance the dates of the same, establishing the times and the flight routes, after the charter flights are those that are rented to a particular company and is not tied to the conditions of a scheduled flight.

The Local flight is that performed to a destination which is a lesser distance of 50 kilometers from the point of origin, and finally we have to Voyage, which the reverse of Local the destination is more than 50 kilometers from the terminal.

The latter is divided into two categories which are Transcontinental, where the journey is divided into two different continents and the Transcontinental, as its name on the flight through the oceans.

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